“Even if we remain flexible, we need ground rules.” – Horst Seehofer

Fun times must be had, but always with a dash of wisdom to give a balanced flavour. Add a few rules to the mix and we have a wholesome, healthy fun experience. Here is list of ingredients


Add Some Food Before The Drink

Food acts as a buffer, so when alcohol enters your bloodstream through your stomach it does so slower than if you do so with no food in your system. Hence, to get more out of mixing food and alcohol you should drink a lot of water, avoid snacks that will make you more thirsty- these are mostly any salty snacks and stay away from energy drinks.


Know What One Glass Looks Like!

Did you know that some drinks are stronger than others? Do you consider percentage of alcohol in liquor? Probably not. You are more inclined to count the glasses or cups of liquor you take. As many soon learn, this often is not the case as a punch would contain a mix of several different beverages with up to six beverages in the mix, dependant on the percentage of alcohol in it.

You need to stay away from “gorging” on liquor, which is when the alcohol level in blood goes over 0.08, this is typically four beverages in a two hour window for ladies, and five for men.


Lastly, don’t rush. Its ok to pace yourself and sip away. Don’t be afraid to throw in your glass of water between drinks too.