Redd’s is an award-winning* alcoholic beverage with a burst of crisp refreshment. Available in Original Red Apple flavour (since 1996) and Dry Green Apple flavour (since 2001) giving you the choice of how you’d like to enjoy the invigorating burst of apple flavour! So step out and open up with Redds. Winner of Gold (for Redds Original) and Silver (for Redds Dry) at the 2012 International Monde Awards. This prestigious award show was founded in 1961, and their mission is to test consumer products from around the globe..

Country of origin
South Africa

Beer Type

Alcohol Content by Volume – and carbohydrates

Redd’s Original: 4,5% ABV and contains 202kj/100ml.

Redds’s Dry: 5% ABV and contains 190kj/100ml.

Redd’s Original – Crisp, natural taste with a rush of effervescent bubbles that sizzle on your tongue and the fresh aroma of juicy red apples with a touch of citrus

Redd’s Dry – crisp, uncontainable refreshment! With the aroma of crispy green apples blended together with sweet and sour apples, honey and almond

clear golden liquid

Imported from RSA and Available through out the year.

330ml NRB – available in Zimbabwe

440ml can, and 660ml returnable flint bottle available in SA

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