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A Growing World, Better World, A Healthier World, A Cleaner World, Safety Health and Environment and Our People.

ECCA Report 7 November 2018

F19 MAD campaign activities began. Collection of waste from the Delta cages a cause for concern. Cages are not being emptied and this remains a challenge and a threat to corporate reputation.

Our People : Extract from the 2017 Annual Report

Delta employs on average some 4 800 employees of which 75% are permanent. There is a focus on increasing the ratio of female employees particularly at the senior levels.  As noted in our Values Statement,

Our Healthier World : Extract from the 2017 Annual Report

We aspire for a healthier world where every experience with beer is a positive one. We are passionate about brewing great beers for our consumers to enjoy, but not all the drinking choices of our consumers are the right ones all the time. The harmful use of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern to governments, society and to us

Our Growing World : Extract from the 2017 Annual Report

Delta Corporation is a truly Zimbabwean company with its foundation routed in the local communities, with a history dating back to 1898 when the brewery was established in Cameron street in Harare.

A Cleaner World : Extract from the 2017 Annual Report

Climate change has far-reaching consequences for our business and the communities where we live and work, from water scarcity and energy constraints to reduced food security and increased health risks.