Pearson Gowero

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Pearson Gowero was appointed as Chief Executive in June 2012. Mr. Gowero joined the Group in 1997 as marketing director of the then Chibuku Breweries Division, becoming the unit managing director in 2001. He has held various senior positions in the beverage business and became an executive director in 2003. Pearson spent some 5 years on secondment to the SABMiller Group from 2006 to 2011 where he was the Managing Director of Zambian Breweries Group. Prior to joining Delta, he had worked for some prominent clothing retail chains. Mr. Gowero sits on the board of Seed Company Zimbabwe and the boards of the Company’s subsidiary and associate companies notably Delta Beverages, Natbrew Plc (Zambia), United National Breweries (RSA), African Distillers Limited, and Nampak Zimbabwe.

Mathlogonolo Mothibedi Valela

Executive Director Finance


Matlhogonolo Valela was appointed as Executive Director – Finance in June 2011. Mr. Valela joined the Group in December 1996 as an accountant at the then National Breweries division. He moved up the ranks through a number of operational finance positions to become the Group Treasurer in 2003. Matts sits on the boards of the Company’s subsidiary companies and associates; African Distillers, United National Breweries (RSA), and Schweppes Holdings Africa.

Alex Makamure

Company Secretary/Corporate Affairs Director

B. BAcc, FCA(Z), LLB

Alex Makamure was appointed as Company Secretary in January 2006. Mr. Makamure currently has oversight on Group Treasury, Corporate Affairs and Supply Chain, and other services such as tax administration, group accounting, and executive compensation. He joined the Group as a finance manager at Chibuku Breweries in May 1998 and has occupied various roles in finance and administration in the Beverages Business. He sits on the board of Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited as a company representative. Alex is the non-executive chairman of African Sun Limited and a board member at Medical Investments Limited (Avenues Clinic).


Etherton Runyaradzo Mpisaunga

Operations Director – Sorghum Beer

B.Sc (Hons) Animal Science

Etherton Mpisaunga was appointed as Operations Director – Beverages in 2010. Mr. Mpisaunga is currently overseeing the Sorghum Beer operations in both Zimbabwe and the region.  He initially joined the Group in 1984 and left in 1992 to work for The Coca-Cola Company. He rejoined the Group in 1995 and has held various senior management positions within the Beverages Business operations and Beer marketing.

Maxen Phillip Karombo

Operations Director (Lagers & Soft Drinks)


Maxen Karombo was appointed as Operations Director responsible for the Lager Beer and Soft Drinks business units in April 2018 and remains in charge of Group Marketing. He re-joined the Group in January 2011 as Marketing Director. He worked for Unilever in various senior roles in marketing, sales and general management in the company’s East and Southern Africa region. He was a country managing director in both Zimbabwe and Uganda. He initially joined the Natbrew (Lager Beer Division) in 1997 in the marketing department. He serves on the board of Schweppes Holdings Limited as a company representative. He is a non-executive director of Leonard Cheshire Disability Trust of Zimbabwe and recently served on the boards of CBZ Bank. Zimnat Life Assurance Company.


Moses Gambiza

General Manager – Sparkling Beverages


Moses Gambiza was appointed General Manager – Sparkling Beverages in April 2014. Mr Gambiza joined the Group in 2000 as a Financial Controller at the then National Breweries. He held various positions in finance until his appointment to the Group Management Committee as General Manger – Southern Region in May 2013.

Dave Mange

Director IT


Dave Mange was appointed to Director Information Technology in 2011. He joined the Group’s IT Internship programme in 1990. He held various management positions before his appointment as General Manager Information Technology in 2007.

Dr M.G Nyandoroh

General Manager – Lager Beer Business


Dr. Munyaradzi Nyandoroh was appointed General Manager – Lager Beer Business in April 2014. He joined the Group in 1985 working in the technical department of the then Chibuku Breweries Division. He left the organization in 1992 to pursue further studies and re-joined in 1996 as Technical Director for Chibuku Breweries. He was appointed General Manager for the Agricultural Services department in 2002, and as General Manager – Beverages Operations for the Southern Region and thereafter the Northern Region.

Marshall Pemhiwa

Human Resources Director


Marshall Pemhiwa was appointed as Human Resources Director in April 2011. Marshall joined the Group in March 1998 as a Graduate Trainee Psychologist/HR. He held various management positions before assuming the position of HR Executive – Beverage Operations in 2009. He is a past president of the Institute of People Management and is involved in committees at Dominican Convent School Harare.


Tichafa Rinomhota

General Manager - Sorghum Beer Business


Tichafa Rinomhota was appointed the General Manager – Sorghum Beer in April 2017. Mr. Rinomhota was the Group Technical Director from 2011 to 2017.  He joined the group at the then National Breweries division in 1999 as Engineering Manager and rose through the ranks to become the General Manager – Technical for the Lager Business in 2007. He has previously worked for a number of mining and construction companies.


Martin Rutendo Makomva


MBL (Unisa, Graduate School of Business); FCA (Z); B. Acc (Hons)

Martin Makomva re-joined the Group in January 2020 as Managing Director of National Breweries. Martin served as Managing Director of Mega Pak Zimbabwe for fourteen years and transferred to Nampak Zimbabwe with the unit following its demerger from Delta in 2014. He first joined Delta at Chibuku Breweries Division in 1987 becoming the division managing director in 1993. Mr. Makomva is a keen livestock breeder and serves on the councils of the Brahman Breeders Society of Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwe Herd Book.

Cecil Gombera

Managing Director – African Distillers Limited


Cecil Gombera was appointed as Managing Director in July 2013.  He joined the company in October 2012 as the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director. Mr Gombera is a seasoned marketing practitioner having worked for a number of fast-moving consumer goods companies such as Lyons, Natbrew (Delta Lager Beer) Division, and Unilever for many years.  He also worked for a clothing label.