We want every experience with a beer to be a positive one. We believe the harmful use of alcohol is bad not only for our consumers, our colleagues, and our families but also for our business

For these reasons and more, we support the World Health Organization’s (WHO) global target of a 10% or greater reduction in the harmful use of alcohol by 2025, as well as with the focus within the UN Sustainable Development Goals to strengthen the prevention of harmful use of alcohol. Our smart drinking goals We have established our Smart Drinking Goals to contribute to the reduction of harmful use of alcohol. These goals are intended to serve as a laboratory for identifying, testing and implementing evidence-based programs that are independently evaluated.


  1. Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers.
  2. We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible consumption.
  3. Alcoholic drinks are for adults, and consumption is a matter of individual judgement and accountability.
  4. Information provided to consumers about alcohol consumption should be accurate and balanced.
  5. We engage stakeholders and work with them to address irresponsible consumption.
  6. We expect our employees to aspire to high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption


We work with our global partners to use our marketing capabilities to influence social norms and individual behaviors around smart drinking. We have updated our Smart Drinking Commercial Communications Code (SDCC) to continue marketing our beers in a responsible way by not appealing to underage consumers, by not depicting irresponsible alcohol consumption, and by putting safeguards in place on our digital platforms. The updated Code includes an internal review and approval process to ensure compliance. We believe that our policies on employee behaviour, commercial communication, product labelling and the company-wide education programmes reinforce high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption.


Responsible Consumption

We continue to work with 11 Zimbabwean universities under the BOOST Fellowship, Enactus, a program under which tertiary students undertake projects that communicate and advance behaviour change around alcohol in their communities and at their campuses.

Underage Drinking (PLEDGE<18)

We refreshed the Pledge <18, programme in 2018. This programme advocates against underage drinking while driving the commitment of young people to this cause through signing their pledges. The programme partners ZIMPACT, BOOST and National Blood Services.

Tackling road safety together

We invest in innovative programs to improve road safety and reduce injuries and fatalities from traffic accidents. This work is aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 11(Sustainable Cities and Communities), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals). In 2017, we expanded our Road Safety program “Taming the Traffic Jungle” in partnership with Traffic Safety Council, distributing more than 500,000 fliers across the country especially during holiday periods. We continue to work with the industry association, ZABMA, government and local partners to implement road safety intervention programs.
We ran the designated driver campaign successfully and used 3 key musical events in partnership with ZIMPACT. We intensified our Respect the Road campaign which is aimed at equipping our heavy and light motor vehicle drivers to deal with hazards encountered behind the wheel, to keep them safer and contribute to overall road safety

Responsible retailing and consumption

a) Responsible retailing

We enlist the support of our retailers in advocating for responsible alcohol consumption through our retailer training program. Collaboration with local authorities, the Liquor Licensing Board and the police to ensure compliance to the trading regulations. Contribution to development of alcohol policies. Guidance to retailers, advertising agents, and the media on alcohol communication and advertising.

b) Strengthening our internal governance systems

We continue training employees in the Alcohol Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) and the Alcohol Behaviour & Communication (AB&C) Programmes. We subject all marketing material to review by the compliance committee which has an external and independent chairperson. We continue to run the responsible drinking icons on adverts and beer labels. We place age gates on all websites that link to information on alcoholic products and reference to the website www.talkingalcohol.com.