As the old adage goes, “Eat what you grow and grow what you eat”

Never has the time been riper to plant for your own harvest. If you have space, don’t lose it to pests and weeds, use it. You know that veggie mix you have wanted so badly or that health shake you have been meaning to incorporate into your breakfast routine? Maybe it doesn’t have to be such a distant dream if you are willing to get your hands dirty and possibly your clothes too, this is the quickest way towards a healthier lifestyle. If you are part of the growing population of firm believers in eating what you grow these tips for starting your own back yard garden are just for you:

Start small 

We have all heard the saying that goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well neither was the art of perfect gardening, it’s a learning process and there is nothing wrong with starting small and building up as you go, it is less risky and more economic to go this route. One day you will be the envy of all the backyards in your neighbourhood but until this day arrives it’s ok to take it a day at a time

Plant what you like to eat

 This may sound like an obvious one but it has made it the list because sometimes we do choose to overlook what should make plain simple sense, that is; when you start off you are really just mostly planting for yourself and there is just something about planting what you would actually like to see on your plate that motivates one to go the extra mile without growing resentful of the process.

 Connect with other backyard farmers

strike up a conversation with other farmers with backyard gardening projects that are around you. These conversations are likely to give insight into what crops will do best for your region and the best timing to plant them. If you are lucky they may even invite you to see what they have done with their own backyard space

Place carefully considering on location

As you start your garden it is a good idea to identify the best place to get at least six hours of good sunshine and consider too that the position in mind allows for easy and constant access to water