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  • Salutations
    • The Guest of Honour Provincial Education Director, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Matebeleland North Province.
    • The Representative of the Zimbabwe National Army Present.
    • Senior Government Officials representing various Ministries.
    • The Headmistress of Muchlenuck Primary School, Mrs. S.T. Moyo.
    • The School Development Committee.
    • Parents
    • Teachers
    • Students


    It gives me great honour to deliver this address on this momentous occasion at Muchlenuck Primary School.  Delta Corporation aspires for a Better World by contributing to making a difference in the communities that we operate in. We believe in a Brighter, Better, Thriving and Growing society and today something new has come to fulfil this aspiration in the Muchlenuck community and we are proud of it. Two classroom Blocks with two fully furnished classrooms each and a 10-hole toilet block worth $60 000 are before us.


    Delta has been involved in assisting schools in building standard classroom blocks as a means of enhancing capacity for less privileged primary schools for over fifteen years.   Muchlenuck Primary School counts as one of the schools in Zimbabwe to benefit from this programme in the past fifteen years. Delta runs a vibrant education assistance programme which also includes school bursaries which commands close to $200 000 annually. To date 13 schools and over 630 students have benefited from the program over the years amounting to $3 000 000 investment. We have a total of 63 students benefiting from the program from A-Level up to University this year and these students have been selected with help of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. Our schools program is also complimented by our Delta Technical Institute (DTI) that develops artisans for the group from A- level students. The DTI has seen over 1,150 artisans over the years graduate and these have been absorbed in various jobs within the organisation. Mandel Training Centre of the business focuses on imparting managerial skills to graduate trainees through its extended programs i.e. the Graduate Development Program and Supervisory Development Program.


    As was the case on this project, Delta provides non- local resources required for construction of these blocks and partners the community who supply locally available resources and the workmanship.  Delta also sponsors the furnishing required for each classroom.

    We have worked closely with the Ministry of Education in fulfilling this project and we appreciate the role that the office of the PED, EO Planning, EO Buildings and the District Schools Inspector played in overseeing this project. We are mindful of the attention to detail and at times sacrifice that goes into monitoring these projects.  Thank you for your commitment and support.

    We would like to also acknowledge with limitless gratitude the contributions of other friends of Muchlenuck Primary School. Special mention goes to the local Member of Parliament and the Zimbabwe National Army. We are informed of the support in manpower, transportation and other support you gave the school for this project to be what it is today.

    The community and school administration together with the School Development Committee coordinated resources and manpower to ensure these classroom blocks and sanitary facility stand as they do today.  It therefore, brings us much joy today to officially handover these classrooms and a toilet block as it resembles the passion and team work that was invested in bringing the project to fruition. Thank you for your diligence in dedicating your time and resources to improving the school that serves your community.

    This bee-hive collaboration is the future of sustainable community development and Delta is proud to be part of it. We are Brighter Together.

    To the students, please take this investment as a pillar of inspiration. The value of the resources and effort invested in this building should challenge you to work hard to improve yourselves academically so that in turn you may be able to further develop this school for those that come after you.

    In conclusion, I would like to congratulate you all on the official opening of this classroom and ablution block. May this day mark the beginning of a new era in education in this community and may it inspire more initiatives to improve the process of teaching and learning. These children are our future and investing in their education is investing in the future.


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Patricia Murambinda (DELTA CORPORATION, Corporate Affairs Executive)
Email : p.murambinda@delta.co.zw
Cell: +263712614153