It is the month of love. A poetic time where we are celebrated and where we celebrate those we love. The time where we reflect on fond memories of who they are to us and what they mean to us. This Valentine’s Day we are celebrating some very important people. These are the leaders in sustainability who have loved Mother Nature openly and actively; 

We celebrate Nelson Mandela, also fondly named Madiba. A champion of sustainable development, He too shared a heart for the environment and shared that love with his country.  

“The poverty of the people and the devastation of the natural environment painfully strike me”

-Nelson Mandela

It is an unfortunate reality that the group that suffers greatest in the face of environmental abuse is the poor. It takes a combined effort to acknowledge the role we can play to ease that suffering by simply taking better care today of our environment so more of us (from various social circles) can enjoy a better tomorrow.

We celebrate Mahatma Gandhi a fountain of wisdom that poured into the environment and the people in it. He loved Mother Nature vocally and actively.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed”

-Mahatma Gandhi