Overview Shumba Maheu is a fermented, maize based traditional non alcoholic beverage. The brand has 3 major  categories which are malt, milk and ordinary maheu.
Country of Origin The formulation for Maheu originated from Zambia at Heinrich’s Beverages.
Production in Zimbabwe started in 2011
Flavours Ordinary Shumba Maheu flavours: Traditional, Banana, Passion Fruit, Orange, Buttercream and
Strawberry.Malt Shumba Maheu flavours: Sorghum malt and Traditional Extra Malt.Milk Shumba Maheu flavours: Vanilla milk, Strawberry milk and Chocolate  milk. 4,5% ABV
Packaging Shumba Maheu is hot filled into white 500ml HDPE bottles which are then foil capped. The bottle is labelled using a PET shrink sleeve. The product is then packed into 12 units that are stretch wrapped
Carbohydrates Maheu has 14.7% carbohydrate content
Fermentation Process The products are made from cooked maize meal base which is converted by enzymes
and fermented using lactic acid bacteria
 Taste Ordinary Shumba Maheu has a sweet, sour, cooked maize meal taste with different added
flavours. The milky variants have a milky flavour while the malt Maheu has the natural
flavour of sorghum maltear golden liquid
Serving Temperature Shumba Maheu is best chilled but can also be served at ambient temperatures