Eagle lager

Eagle lager : BRAND HISTORY

Eagle lager clear beer has historically been very expensive in Africa, with the average consumer needing to work over 4 hours before earning enough to buy a 500ml mainstream brand.

For those who worked very hard just to provide the basics for their families, it was just about impossible to afford clear beers. But of course the mainstream advertising also reached them and gave rise to aspirations.

Delta saw this as an opportunity. We began to look for ways to produce a quality clear beer at a lower price that offered real value for money.

It turned out the way to do it was to brew the lager with the most abundant crops in our country. Not only was this cheaper than importing beer ingredients, but it supported local farmers and gave them a new way to make money from their land by planting sorghum.

And so the Lager came to be and what a success story it has been. It is a good quality clear beer the worker can afford.  Eagle has also created prosperity for local farmers and brought about a better life for whole communities.