Bohlinger’s Lager : ABOUT THIS BEER

Bohlinger’s Lager

Overview Bohlinger’s Lager ‘s brand was launched onto the Zimbabwean market in 1993. It became the second premium lager offering in the Delta portfolio. It is a mild, smooth, crisp, premium quality lager with a caramel taste. Bohlinger’s lager has 4.2% alcohol by volume and is brewed using the finest quality of hops, barley, malt and maize. The brand is of export quality. It has been exported into the SADC region, the USA and Europe. Bohlinger’s has a delicate aroma and a subtle bite that is unrivalled. It is a crispy beer,. It has a slightly bitter taste achieved through exclusive brewing process, which ensures a consistent, quality beer.
Beer type Premium quality lager beer
Alcohol content by volume 4.2%
Taste Bohlinger’s Lager is a smooth, crisp, mild and bubbly lager. It is refreshing and sessionable
Malts 2 row barley malt.
Hops Pre-isomerised hops
Colour Bohlinger’s Lager is a bubbly lager with a rich golden colour.
Serving temperature 4 degrees C
Packaging 330ml Can, 340ml returnable Bottle, 340ml non-returnable bottle, 660ml returnable bottle