“Our people are what matters most. They are the ones committed to achieving our goals. We recruit, develop and retain colleagues we believe can make us a better company, a company that will last.”

Delta employs on average some 4 800 employees of which 75% are permanent. There is a focus on increasing the ratio of female employees particularly at the senior levels.  As noted in our Values Statement, we acknowledge that our people are our enduring advantage, hence the need to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Our conditions of service stress the need to discourage any forms of discrimination, recognise the right to collective bargaining and the need to promote fairness at the work place.

The Company is conscious of the focus of the new Zimbabwe Constitution which emphasises the issues of gender balance in all facets of human endeavour. To this end, there are programs which aim to increase the role and ratios of female employees in the organisation and therefore address the diversity issues.

  • ATTRACTING AND RETAINING TALENT: The business operates in a contracting economy which has reduced its capacity to create new jobs and offer new promotional opportunities.

We however maintain focus on career development for our employees, whether in their current or for future roles noting that individual employees have a responsibility to take charge of their own development, albeit with support from their managers. During the last financial year, the Group provided close to 10 706 man hours of training to employees. The Group has maintained the annual intakes to the various apprenticeship and internship programmes. These initiatives are complemented by the robust performance management system that recognises and rewards strong performance against specific personal and team goals, which bring alignment to company objectives.