Healthier World

“We aspire for a healthier world where every experience with beer is a positive one. We are passionate about brewing great beers for our consumers to enjoy, but not all the drinking choices of our consumers are the right ones all the time. The harmful use of alcohol remains an issue of significant concern to governments, society and to us”

Our 6 Core Principles

1.  Our beer adds to the enjoyment of life for the overwhelming majority of our consumers.

2.  We care about the harmful effects of irresponsible consumption.

3.  Alcoholic drinks are for adults, and consumption is a matter of individual judgement and accountability.

4.  Information provided to consumers about alcohol consumption should be accurate and balanced.

5.  We engage stakeholders and work with them to address irresponsible consumption.

6. We expect our employees to aspire to high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption

The majority of our consumers enjoy beer in moderation with friends and families but there is a minority who drink too much, putting themselves and people around them at risk of harm.  Our efforts include programs that shift social norms and behaviours around harmful alcohol use and therefore empower consumers to make smart drinking choices.

There is no simple solution to addressing alcohol related harm, nor can the issue be resolved by a single company acting alone. The industry and key stakeholders can work towards making a difference; making sure the information about alcohol is accurate and balanced, initiatives that combat drinking and driving, underage drinking  and disorderly conduct and that help is offered to people that are at risk.
We believe that our policies on employee behaviour, commercial communication, product labelling and the company-wide education programmes reinforce high levels of conduct in relation to alcohol consumption.  The key programmes during the year included:

  • Influencing social norms and behaviour

Responsible Consumption

Working with 11 universities in Zimbabwe under the BOOST Fellowship, Enactus under which tertiary students to undertake projects that communicate and advance behaviour change around alcohol in their communities and at their campuses.

Underage Drinking (PLEDGE<18)

 Pledge <18, Launched in 2015, is a programme that advocates against underage drinking while driving the commitment of young people to this cause through signing their pledges.  This also partners ZIMPACT, BOOST and National Blood Services.

  • Together for safer roads

Road Safety

Road Safety remains topical in Zimbabwe particularly as it relates traffic accidents attributed to human error and speeding of the influence of alcohol is a notable factor. We therefore work collaboratively with our industry association, ZABMA, the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe in “Taming the Traffic Jungle”. The concept of a designated driver was successfully used at some musical events in a partnership with ZIMPACT.

We intensified our Respect the Road campaign which is aimed at equipping our heavy and light motor vehicle drivers to deal with hazards encountered behind the wheel, to keep them safer and contribute to overall road safety.

  • Responsible retailing and consumption

Responsible retailing

We enlist the support of our retailers in advocating for responsible alcohol consumption through our retailer training program.

Collaboration with local authorities, the Liquor Licensing Board and the police to ensure compliance to the trading regulations

Contribution to development of alcohol policies

Guidance to retailers, advertising agents and the media on alcohol communication and advertising

  • Training employees in the Alcohol Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) and the Alcohol Behaviour & Communication (AB&C) Programmes.
  • Subjecting all marketing material to review by the compliance committee which has an external and independent chairman
  • Introduction of the responsible drinking icons on adverts and beer labels.
  • Placing age gates on all websites that link to information on alcoholic products and reference to the website

In addition to the initiatives on alcoholic beverages we also have specific programs that relate to our sparkling and nutritious beverages.  Our longstanding commitment to consumers’ well-being begins with ensuring that each and every beverage we deliver is safe, delicious and refreshing. Further, we work to inspire consumers to pursue happier, healthier lives—and provide opportunities to do so—through the wide variety of products we offer, our transparent labeling practices, our responsible marketing practices and the many physical activity programs we support around the world.

WELLNESS: The adverse effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic continue to impact on our employees, their families and the wider community in which the Company operates. The overall objective of our business’ comprehensive Wellness Program is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and other non-communicable diseases on our employees, customers and suppliers. Our clinics provide free anti-retroviral drugs and are accredited for testing and counselling. The general awareness of health issues has increased driven by the Wellness Program, for which the Company continues to be recognised through various awards.

Cancer is identified as one of the growing health menaces in Zimbabwe. We play our part in contributing to Cancer related initiatives through the Cancer Association and KidzCan (Paediatric Cancer support). We also work with partners to raise awareness for screening and early detection and facilitate bringing screening services to our employees.

  • SAFETY: Safety committees are in place throughout the business under the guidance of suitably qualified Safety, Health and Environmental Managers who ensure adherence to the safety and health procedures. Statistics on accidents are collated and evaluated against internationally accepted benchmarks, with safety matters being deliberated at divisional boards and the environmental and safety council under the oversight of the audit committee. The lost time injuries were impacted by the off-site road traffic accidents that sadly claimed the lives of employees including those of our contracted transporters and third parties. We are reinforcing the Respect The Road Safety Campaign in an effort to combat accidents involving our heavy and light motor vehicles and those of our freight and distribution partners. This campaign aims to equip our drivers to deal with the daily hazards encountered behind the wheel, to keep them safer and contribute to overall road safety.
  • LABOUR RELATIONS: We engage with our employees regularly to appraise them on the Company performance and address issues relating to remuneration, safety and welfare. We regularly solicit their views and listen to their ideas and opinions through employee engagement surveys. The engagements with employees are through the localised shop floor workers committees or sector trade unions.