A Cleaner World

“Climate change has far-reaching consequences for our business and the communities where we live and work, from water scarcity and energy constraints to reduced food security and increased health risks. Our own factory emissions, the packaging and trade refrigeration of beverages, all have a significant carbon footprint. We therefore strive for a cleaner world where natural resources are shared and preserved for the future.”

We will work with suppliers, distributors, retailers, municipalities and consumers to reduce emissions and waste across our value chain, and reuse and recycle waste and packaging and to conserve water.

Bohlinger's Lager – Delta Beverages Corporation Limited - Zimbabwe
  • Returnable Bottles: embedding the culture of reuse. The Group believes in the use of returnable glass bottles as a trusted and effective way to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging as they are much more resource efficient than the one way packages such as cans and PET.

The growth of the contribution of sorghum beer packaged in PET has increased the pressure for sustainable solutions to reduce litter from used primary packages such as PET and cans. We are working collaboratively with the environmental agency (EMA), local authorities and other environmental groups to intensify the education of consumers on segregation of litter, placement of litter in bins and general consciousness on a cleaner environment.

The consumer waste cages that have been installed at major shopping centres are now being used to accumulate used cans and PET. The used cans are crushed and pressed into tin cake for export. The change over from steel to aluminium cans is largely complete, which creates secondary usage of the used cans. The PetrecoZim PET recycling factory is fully functional and is able to absorb all material that is recovered and delivered to it. This has now created income generating opportunities for waste collectors.

We continued with Make A Difference (MAD) campaign enlists the support of community groups in taking care of the hygiene and cleanliness of the localities, discouraging littering particularly by motorists and the segregation of waste in the home. We are encouraging our employees to volunteer in the clean-up campaigns.

A Cleaner World – Delta Corporation Limited - Zimbabwe

  • Eliminating waste from our production processes: A significant amount of the waste from our brewing operations is organic material such as spent grains which are sold to farmers as stock feed.
  • Reducing supply chain emissions: Our production and distribution processes use significant amounts of fossil fuels and generate CO2 emissions. We continue to record and analyse data on the levels of these emissions for comparison to set benchmarks. There are ongoing collaborative efforts across the supply chain to implement projects that reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Injecting CO2- Based HFC-free coolers: We continue to replace HFC refrigerants in our coolers; reducing global warming potential and energy demand. This also includes use of solar powered and low energy demand equipment.


Driving Efficiency: Each production centre tracks the usages of water and energy against both internal and international benchmarks as part of the business key performance indicators. The key initiatives such as the light-weighting of primary and secondary packaging, use of light weight trailers, use of natural lighting, installation of energy management devices and LED lighting  have resulted in significant progress in the various energy usage measures.

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