Zambezi was traditionally positioned as the “tourists brand” since its launch in 1992 but given the decline in the tourism industry over the years this positioning lost relevance, and inevitably the brand was alienated from the local consumer.

In 2005, a new campaign was launched which ‘urbarnised’  the brand and focused primarily on the local consumer.  The campaign which was launched in October 2005 retained two elements about Zambezi Lager:

It is still Zimbabwe’s Own Lager – Zimbabwe’s celebrated brand.

It is still an iconic outdoor brand – fishing, running etc.

It is a world class beer.

In 2014 Zambezi launched yet another exciting refreshed outdoor campaign “Never Runs Dry Campaign” and moved to the current “Follow the call” campaign in 2016. It is all about enjoying the outdoor life with a Zambezi! World class in every glass!