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Zambezi Lite Lager

Full Name of Beer

Zambezi Lite


Zambezi lite lager is a light, sporty healthy beer for people in control and who prefer healthier life styles, with an unmistakable touch of Delta Beverages style, brewed in Zimbabwe to the original recipe, since 2001.

This premium beer brand is 2.8% alcohol by volume and expertly brewed using the finest variety of barley, and the highest quality of maize, malts and hops.

It is a rich lager with low alcohol content and is consistent in quality. It is highly refreshing. This has been achieved through exclusive brewing process, which ensures a consistent, quality beer.

Country of Origin


Beer type

Premium, bottom fermented beer.

Alcohol content by

2.8% by volume


Carbohydrates content lower than 3.5%. These are not specified except energy. However 0% glucose and fructose is expected.


Zambezi lite lager is a light, low alcohol content beer.


2 raw barley malt varieties Dawn and Hope barley varieties.


Zambezi lite lager has the PIH hops.


Golden colour. Colour 5.5.


Available locally all year round.

 Fermentation process

Bottom fermenting at low temperatures.

Serving temperature

4 degrees C.


Returnable 340ml bottle, 340ml can and 30lt draught.

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Zambezi lite lager is a light premium quality rich beer available locally.

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