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Delta Training Institute

Excellence in training

The Delta Technical Institute (DTI) has gradually evolved from being a strictly apprentice training centre to becoming heavily involved in installation projects.

According to George Madzivanyika, the Program Manager at DTI, this new emphasis on practical training has proved beneficial to trainers as well as artisans and apprentices.

 “DTI's increased involvement in plant installation projects presents an opportunity for the artisans, apprentices and trainers to learn the machines faster than they would through reading manuals,” he says.

The Institute’s apprentice training curriculum now reflects changing technological trends and it has embarked on accelerated staff development programmes, in partnership with equipment manufacturers such as KHS, Krones and Siemens. 

While securing adequate equipment and facilities remains a national challenge, DTI innovatively makes the most of existing facilities.

This approach has led to the Institute’s successful hosting of the Africa wide Asset Care Seminars and other training programmes.

Siemens are the major supplier of automation equipment for Delta and many companies worldwide.

In a landmark agreement, DTI and Siemens RSA have agreed on a contract that will see them forge a partnership in automation training. Siemens has accredited DTI to run Siemens training courses.

Levels of training capability are classified into silver, gold and diamond classes, with DTI currently operating at silver.

Further trainer development is in progress to attain the next level, which is gold class.

DTI has also acquired state of the art CNC Milling and Lathe machines which are programmable and enable otherwise complex jobs to be done with relative ease.

Apprentices and artisans who will be using these machines are compelled to master basic computer skills effectively coinciding with DTI’s drive for every apprentice to attain computer skills. 

In an encouraging act of recognition for DTI and its Staff competence, a number of DTI trainers and managers have distinguished themselves.

One trainer is now a manufacturing systems engineer at Belmont plant, while another is acting Utilities Manager at SBs Graniteside Plant.

With Delta Transport’s modern trucks being sensitive to small electronics malfunctions, Delta through DTI became the first Zimbabwean company to train automotive technicians.

“Unnecessary downtimes caused by simple electromechanical challenges are eliminated as these multi-skilled technicians are able to perform both auto electrician and motor mechanic duties,” says George Madzivanyika.

In 2009, Lagers Southerton received the first new state of the art Krones bottling line in Delta, arriving at a period the company was undergoing a tough time. This investment simply had to work as it had the potential to turn around the fortunes of the company.

The project manager tasked DTI with training of the operators and     artisans that would eventually run the line, to which they rose to the occassion.

A few years later during the installation of the PET line at Sparkling Beverages in Graniteside, the DTI team was once again involved in the project from start to finish.

Today all machinery is fully operational and training of staff has taken centre stage with DTI currently facilitating Krones training for the Lagers Southerton Packaging Lines Revival Project.

Other initiatives underway include the Chitungwiza Sorghum Brewery Milling project and the Sorghum Harare Effluent plant.

Further to this DTI also trains for Delta and many other non-Delta companies such as Olivine Industries, ZETDC,  Murowa Diamonds, CMB and BAT.

DTI offers a number of short specialised Courses namely PLCs, hydraulics, Pneumatics , pump technology, bearings technology, good refrigeration practice, air brakes, boiler operators course, welding skills and problem solving and drives.

Similarly DTI has signed a number of Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with institutions such as the Harare Polytechnic, Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) and Msasa Technical College.