Flying Fish Premium Flavoured Beer combines the pure refreshment of beer with added flavours – pressed lemon, crushed orange and chilled green apple. It is about adding some flavour to the familiar, looking at and doing things differently while having fun and living in the moment. With an easy drinking taste, Flying Fish offers something different for consumers looking to share new experiences, new flavours and new tastes at any occasion.Who says a beer can’t be flavoured? Add some flavour.

Country of origin –
South Africa

Beer Type-
Premium Flavoured beer

Alcohol Content by Volume-and carbohydrates

4,5% ABV

Refreshment of beer with interesting flavours and fresh aromas for a new delicious and easy drinking experience

clear golden liquid

Imported from RSA and Available through out the year.

330ml NRB available in zim
440ml can, 660ml RGB available in SA
Sponsorship/ Events/Public Relations
Beach Volleyball(SA)

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Add some flavor!

Pack shot –
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