Overview  You are hard pressed to find a lager more sophisticated than Golden Pilsener. Masterfully crafted with specially selected Czechoslovakian SAAZ hops, this premium beer brand is 3.8% alcohol by volume and expertly brewed using the finest variety of barley, and the highest quality of maize, malts and SAAZ hops. Golden Pilsener has a delicate, hoppy aroma with mild spicy notes and a subtle bite that is unrivalled.
Country of Origin  Czechoslovakia
Beer type  Premium, bottom fermented beer.
Alcohol content by volume   3.8% by volume
Carbohydrates  Carbohydrates content lower than 3.5%, 0% glucose and fructose is expected.
Taste  Golden Pilsener is a crisp and but well balanced lager. With a pleasant, delicate aroma (SAAZ hops) and a subtle bite that is unrivalled, Golden Pilsener has a truly individual taste that is unique to the brand.
Malts  2 raw barley malt varieties Dawn and Hope barley varieties.
Hops  Golden Pilsener has the PIH hops.
Colour  Golden colour. Colour 6.
Availability  Available through out the year.
Fermentation process  Bottom fermentation process at low temperatures..
Serving temperature   4 degrees C
Packaging  Returnable 660ml glass bottle, Non Returnable 340ml can, 440ml can and 30lt draught.
Sponsorship/Events/Public  Relations   Golf
Pay Off Line   *