Overview Eagle lager is a quality sorghum based lager beer brewed to International standards, with an unmistakable touch of Delta Beverages style, brewed in Zimbabwe to the original recipe, since 2005. This sorghum based lager beer brand is 5% alcohol by volume and expertly brewed using the finest variety of raw sorghum, and the highest quality of maize, malts and hops. It has a subtle bite and is slightly sweet, achieved through exclusive brewing process, which ensures a consistent, quality beer.
Country of Origin type Uganda
Beer type Mainstream, bottom fermented beer.
Alcohol content by volume 5.0% alcohol
Carbohydrates Carbohydrates content lower than 3.5%. These are not specified except energy. However 0% glucose and fructose is expected.
Taste Eagle lager has a unique sorghum based taste that is slightly sweet on the palate.
Malts Raw sorghum – Sweet red and white macia sorghums are used.
Hops Eagle lager has the PIH hops.
Colour Deep golden colour. Colour 6.
Fermentation process Bottom fermenting at low temperatures..
Serving temperature 4 degrees C
Packaging Returnable 375ml bottle, Returnable 750ml bottle and 30L Draught
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