Overview Castle Lager is Africa’s finest award winning beer that has been brewed in perfect balance with the perfect blend of hops, barley and maize. Castle Lager is skilfully blended by the finest brewmasters using an age old tradition passed down from brewmaster to brewmaster since 1895 and mastering the true art of brewing beer in perfect balance.
Castle is the biggest selling, most widely distributed and available beer brand on the African continent. Castle lager is the world’s 12th largest beer brand. It is available in 40 countries across four continents. Castle Lager has almost 100 years of winning awards for brewing excellence. The founder brewer, Charles Glass, won the Gold Medal in the 1907 Rand Show. To date Castle Lager has won five gold medals and six silver medals.
The beer has an alcohol content of 5.0% and is skilfully blended.It has a delicate aroma and a subtle bite that is unrivalled. It is a crispy beer, that, has a slightly bitter taste achieved through exclusive brewing process, which ensures a consistent, quality beer.
Beer type Mainstream lager beer
Alcohol content by volume 5.0% alcohol
Carbohydrates 165 kj per 100ml
Taste Castle produces a taste that is somewhat bitter somewhat dry, never sweet. It is full-bodied and balanced to satisfy an African thirst.
Malts Special 2-year-old barley malt
Hops Pre-isomerised hops
Colour Clear golden colour.
Fermentation process Bottom fermentation process at low temperatures.
Serving temperature 4-8 degrees C
Packaging 330ml Can, 440ml Can, 340ml Non-returnable bottle, 375ml returnable bottle, 750ml returnable bottle and 30L Draught
Sponsorship/Events/Public Relations
  • Castle Tankard
  • Castle Premier Soccer League
  • Cosafa Castle Cup
  • Castle Ultimate Braai
Pay Off Line It all comes together with a CASTLE