Overview Carling is of the SABMiller brands brewed under licence by Delta Beverages. The brand was first brewed in 1966. Carling is a fruity, estery beer, rewarding beer, brewed with the finest hops, malt and maize. Carling embodies values such as teamwork, accomplishment, and strength of character, to which the brand gives masculine expression. In so doing, Carling has reflected the modernising trends in society, such as growth of the entrepreneurial spirit and the work ethic required to succeed. Carling Black Label is enjoyed as a shared reward with beers being opened ‘bottle-on-bottle’ and friends quenching thirst together.
Carling Black Label is proud and heroic. Strong and reliable. Honest and hardworking. And as a proud beer it offers more refreshment and more reward at the end of an honest day’s work
Beer type Mainstream lager beer
Alcohol content by volume 5.5% alcohol
Carbohydrates 165 kj per 100ml
Taste Carling Black Label is a sweet, strong flavoured, full bodied beer.
Malts 2 row barley malt .
Hops Pre-isomerised hops
Colour Rich Golden colour
Fermentation process Bottom fermentation process at low temperatures.
Serving temperature 4-8 degrees C
Packaging 330ml Can, 440ml Can, 340ml Non-returnable bottle, 375ml returnable bottle, 750ml returnable bottle and 30L Draught
Sponsorship/Events/Public Relations Carling Black Label National Pool Championships Carling Black Label has sponsored the National Pool tournament as a promotion vehicle. The tournament is a national grassroots championship run on a provincial and final basis.